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Since HMDs are getting very popular and there are already dozens of HMDs. I bought myself a Durovis Dive for starters and of course the first thing that comes to my mind is the keyglove. But the keyglove lacks one thing and that is flex sensors. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlh4eSMFAIA) (www.cwonline.com/store/view_product.asp?Product=1179) The keygloves motion sensors are still lacking too T_T. I really wish I had studied electronics I really want a keyglove with motiontracking and felexsensors like the p5 glove now XD


Is there any way to speed up development of the keyglove? Is there something we can do to help? I'm willing to donate money but I doubt that's the issue. I've got a lot of time and I'm getting more and more into electronics but I'm pretty much a beginner. Is there anything I can do even though I'm a beginner? I'm currently doing my led plant light project but after that I'll probably be building a keyglove and try to add flexsensors to it.

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Adding flex sensors is one way to quickly increase the amount of usable data that the glove can process and respond to. I have a set of 5x flex sensors for prototyping in the future, and it's been on the Keyglove roadmap for quite some time as well--I just haven't gotten to a point where I can add them in. Part of the problem with the flex sensors in particular is that they require either an extra external SPI/I2C ADC device, or else five extra ADC connections directly into the MCU. Once I switch to the ATSAM3X8E, this won't be an issue, but it's still a bit of a challenge with the Teensy++, where I'm pretty strapped for pins.


I'll also need to add API methods for working with the flex data, but that is relatively simple now that the codebase is so completely rewritten to support that kind of feature addition.


Currently, there is no specific way to speed up Keyglove development which comes to mind, unless you happen to know someone who can tackle the physical glove construction challenges inherent with e-textiles. I've got the next batch of prototyping hardware pending delivery from OSH Park, and once it shows up, I'll be able to build the latest Keyglove kit prototype design and test to see how it works. If it's solid, it will be the foundation of the kit design and the starting point for the all-in-one custom controller board based on the AT90 MCU.


The DIY flex sensor glove video is quite good; it looks like he did a great job. The Keyglove source is fully open, so you are more than welcome to use it as the foundation for something built with flex sensors if you like.

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If the flex sensors ("flexsensor support" holding it on the backside of the fingers) were used to hold, instead of a glove, just straps that are bound around the finger segments. The straps could be slided to the position they are needed and ajusted in size to fit neatly around the fingers. Fingerlength and finger thickness is no problem that way. The straps would also fix the sweaty hand problem that one would get in gloves. Cables could be clipped on the straps or the straps are connected via the "flexsensor support". The part of the strips that has contact with the skin could be sticky and/or have a profile so it doesn't slide. This would fit any handsize and if something wears out or breaks it could be replaced easily.

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