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I am planning on building my own keyglove type prototype to pair with Google Glass and I was wondering what components are needed if I do not want to have the motion control but instead use a Parallax Trackball module. Thank you in advance. 



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Hi Matt,


I'm not sure about integrating a trackball, but the other components are fundamentally the same: Teensy++ for the main MCU, and a Bluegiga WT12-A for Bluetooth if you want wireless support. I'm still working on re-integrating Bluetooth support into the rewritten code base from a couple of months ago, and without that, the only viable interface is USB HID or CDC (both of which work fine, but they are wired).


Apart from that, my current prototype glove is an Ektelon Classic Pro racquetball glove, and everything plugged into a Keyglove Kit PCB which itself also needs a new revision to accommodate a different motion sensor board (GY-521 instead of MPU-6050 breakout from SparkFun) and a reshaped WT12 module. The kit PCB makes the sensor attachment simpler by breaking out exactly the right Teensy++ pins into a rough hand shape, instead of being all mixed up and spread around in two straight lines.


For build photos, I would recommend these photosets on the Keyglove FB page:

I haven't refined the current firmware, parts list, or build process to the point where it makes sense to rewrite the build instructions online to make them current, unfortunately. I hope to do that before too much longer though.

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I haven't yet, no. I've been focused primarily on the core firmware functionality, using whatever hardware I can make work in the prototyping environment in the meantime. I plan to move on to fine-tuning the hardware once the software does what I need.

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