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I want to get started on creating my own glove interface because I can't seem to find anything online that meets my specifications.



Sleek, subtle gloves to act as the input for a backpack-stored notepad

Enough buttons to code for all letters

Scrolling and mouselike function



One normal, thin and breathable as possible, glove

One sheet of conductive fabric


Modify all fingertips, middle and lower joints such that there is one pad on the ball of the finger, one on the nail and so on down each finger so that each finger with 3 joints has one conductive zone on the front of each segment and one on the back, making a total of 6 'tapable' zones per finger. Also modify the thumbtips but just to have one large tip, front back and sides.


Run a wire to the thumbs connected to a minimum sized charge

Run 24 wires per hand, one to each pad on each finger (6x4) running back to current sensors

Co-ordinate these inputs into an arduino system culminating in output via usb to my computer


Mouse imitation is tricky but i was thinking I could make a large pad on the palm and have a sensor contact in each corner and triangulate positions?


Please help and advise




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Hi George,


This is essentially the primary goal of the Keyglove project; all of the progress I've made towards this effort has been posted online either on the project website here, or Facebook, or Twitter; everything you see online now is basically everything that I can offer in terms of information at this time.

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