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Hi Jeff


Have you looked into nRF51822 from Nordic Semi?




It will give you sufficient power, flash space, BLE in a single chip.

For what you are looking to do, I'd imagine consolidating as much components as possible would help?

The chip has gnu toolchain and most of your code should be portable on this platform.


Of course, if you want to make keyglove Arduino-friendly, it might not be a good choice...


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The nRF51822 is definitely an intriguing module; I'd be willing to check into it once I get the main platform working (Arduino + classic Bluetooth). There are two challenges that it would introduce: significantly reduced I/O pin count, and BLE throughput (which admittedly isn't the module's fault, but rather the BLE protocol's fault). It would be quite difficult to push out as much data as I'm currently generating over a BLE link, which means either that the device would have to be used differently or else the data would need to be preprocessed and/or compressed before sending it in a way that is still useful to the receiving end.


Bsaically, I haven't yet, but I might in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hey, thanks for the response.


Perhaps you can have IO expander IC's, in case you need to add more than 37 contact points?

Something like this: http://tronixstuff.com/2011/08/26/tutorial-maximising-your-arduinos-io-ports/


What kind of transmission rates are you aiming for?

I do agree that BLE is not designed for throughput. If your connection interval requires anything below 10msec (or 100Hz), it's probably better off thinking of other ways send data.

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