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  1. Trying to build one: questions

    I succeeded into making it work without any module I'm cleaning the code a bit and sending a PR.
  2. Trying to build one: questions

    Hello, Thanks a lot for the answer Indeed, I don't have MPU-6050, or the Bluetooth module either. Disabling them in config.h, as well as feedback, causes a lot of errors, mainly because the includes are conditionned to having the modules, but the code that uses said includes is not always conditionned, thus compile errors because of symbols not found. I get around this by removing the conditions for includes (apart from Feedback, there must be one I can't track), but the boot doesn't seem to succeed: after uploading or manually resetting the Teensy, I see a single blink about 2 seconds after upload/reset. Any idea about what else could cause this? I currently have: #define KG_HOSTIF (AUTO_KG_HOSTIF_USB_SERIAL | AUTO_KG_HOSTIF_USB_RAWHID | AUTO_KG_HOSTIF_USB_HID) // <-- no Bluetooth #define KG_MOTION KG_MOTION_NONE #define KG_FEEDBACK (KG_FEEDBACK_BLINK | KG_FEEDBACK_PIEZO | KG_FEEDBACK_VIBRATE | KG_FEEDBACK_RGB) I didn't get around compiling with the last one disabled. Once I get it working, I'll try to send a pull request to make code work with Bluetooth, Motion and Feedback disabled. Thanks a lot for the explanation on debugging, 3.3V and how the pins work. The blog post was very informative.
  3. Hello, I got into electronics (background as a software dev) recently, and I decided to try to build a KeyGlove. I'm quite new to Arduino, so bear with me please Here are the few questions I can't find answer on the website and repo's docs: - I tried following instructions, the code compiles fine (after a modification to MPU6050 lib), but Teensy doesn't automatically reboot. So I did it, and then .... nothing happens. I tried USB Type Keyboard + Mouse + Joystick at 8Mhz, and then connect B6 to F6 (DY motion, for key A, if I read the docs correctly), but nothing happens : no A letter on my opened app, and nothing on Arduino's serial monitor, even after putting some Serial.print in application.cpp. Is there something wrong or did I miss something? More generally, how do you debug? I may lack a bit too much in Arduino knowledge, will try to learn too. - what's the reason for 3.3V instead of 5V? I didn't modify my Teensy yet, because I would really like to understand why it's needed first - even after looking at the docs, I have little clue about how each port of the Teensy is configured: which one is an Input, which one is an Output? How does the KeyGlove recognize which 2 pins are connected? I guess there is a link as to why the 3 Pins on the thumb are PWM pins Thanks a lot, keep up