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Keyglove Forums
  1. Controller Software Development

    1. Arduino Platform

      Most of the critical Keyglove controller code is written to compile inside the Arduino environment (v1.0 or later). Until this release is totally stable, other platforms will be secondary, unless somebody else wants to spearhead the effort.

    2. Pure AVR C/LUFA Platform

      Arduino is great, but some see it the "Visual Basic" version of AVR C. This distribution is built to be compiled directly with avr-gcc and flashed directly avrdude. Development is partially complete and built on top of Dean Camera's excellent LUFA platform, but it's on hold right now until the primary Arduino platform version is finished.

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    3. Alternative Platforms

      AVR C is what I know, but it's not the only option. PIC, ARM, MSP430, anything you can think of is possible since the code is all open. Do you want the Keyglove code to work on a different microcontroller? Awesome! Document your efforts or collaborate with others here.

  2. PC/Mac/Tablet/Smartphone Control

    1. Application Integration

      Through OS-specific control software, the Keyglove may be configured to behave in unique ways based on which program is running in the foreground. Other than generic mouse/keyboard control, what are some of the programs you would like to use in unique ways with the Keyglove? Games, CAD software, music, art, navigation? Be creative!

    2. Feature Requests

      What abilities would you like to see in the host configuration software? What kind of intuitive control, diagrams, programming abilities, or other behavior?

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  3. Keyglove Kit

    1. Build Questions

      If you're building your own Keyglove prototype, either from scratch or from a kit, share your experiences and recommendations here.

    2. User Modifications

      Being open-source hardware, the Keyglove project eagerly invites modifications. If you did or would like to re-imagine the design into something new or somehow different, even in a small way, we'd all love to know about it.

    3. Feature Requests

      What would you like to see in the kit that isn't there already? Just because I didn't think of it doesn't mean it's not a good idea. Suggestions of any kind welcome! Flex sensors, OLED status display, GPS unit? I'm all ears.

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